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Strip Loin Steak
Rib Eye Steak
Sirloin Steak
Flank Steak
Eye of Round  


Sirloin Tip Roast
Inside Round Roast
Cross Rib Roast
Chuck Roast

Ground Bison

Ground Bison
Ground Round
Bison Burgers (5 x 6oz patties)

Other Cuts

Stewing Meat
Short Ribs
Back Ribs - on availability

Bison Sides


Bison Organ Meat - on availability

Bison Liver
Bison Tongue
Bison Heart
Bison Bones (Soup or Dog)

Bison Packages


Glengary Bison Super Family Pack

Approximately 23 lbs. of quality cuts of Bison meat.
You may substitute for different items if preferred, based on availability

2 steaks per pack

2 packs      Strip Loin or Rib Eye Steaks
3 packs      2-Sirloin Steaks or substitute for another cut of equal or lesser value
1                Cross Rib Roast or Sirloin Roast
4 packs      Lean Ground Bison
2 packs      Bison Stew Meat
2 packs      Bison Short Ribs or Back Ribs
1 pack    Bison Pepperoni or Specialty Item based on availability.
1                Canadian Bison Association Recipe Book

Glengary Bison Pioneer Pack

Same great assortment of Bison Meat as in the Super Family Pack.
Approximately 12 lbs. of quality cuts of Bison meat.

1                Striploin or Ribeye steak
3 packs      Sirloin steak
1                Cross Rib Roast
3 pack        Lean Ground Bison
1 pack        Bison Short Ribs
1 pack        Bison Stew meat
2 packs      Pepperoni or 1 Pack of jerky ½ lb.

Bison Tipis Pack

10 lbs. Lean Ground Bison
1 – ½ lb. Bison Jerky
1 – Bison Pepperoni – Honey Garlic or Regular

Glengary Bison Camping Package

1 pack        Bison Pepperoni
1 stack       6oz. Bison Burger Patties 5 of
1               Bison Garlic Coil can be eaten cold or heated on a BBQ
1 pack        Bison Maple Breakfast Sausages

Glengary ½ Bison

Feeding a family on a budget, but would like to feed your family naturally raised Bison? Bison sides weigh between 250 and 325 lbs. hanging (this means with bone in). This yields about 68 to 70 % of Bison meat.   Many of our customers order from us in the fall so they are stocked for the winter and part of the spring.

Please call for further information.

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