about us

Glengary Bison, established in 1997 and located just a short drive North of Calgary and West of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada is operated by Gary Sweetnam and Cynthia Austin.

Our vision for Glengary Bison is to produce and promote top quality bison for breeding, as well as providing a unique, affordable, and wonderful red meat source for today’s health conscious consumer.

Our breeding stock has evolved from the original 9 heifer calves we acquired from top quality breeders throughout Alberta in 1998 to 35 quality breeding bison cows and 2 herd sires. We routinely cull our cows to ensure that only the best breeders are producing top quality calves. Since our first crop of calves arrived in the spring of 2000 we have had a 100 percent success rate with cows producing strong and healthy calves each spring.

Our bison are processed at a provincial government inspected abattoir which is the finest and cleanest in Alberta. All of our products are 100% bison and are represented as such; no filler or any other meat source is added in production. In September of 2003 we built an on-site farm store and installed a walk-in freezer in order to keep pace with this expanding industry.


Our Values
Glengary Bison adheres to a strict bison production policy, which advocates: “that no artificial growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics be used in the production of bison.” We take extreme pride in promoting this policy, not just for our own farm, but also for the entire bison industry.
Customer Service
Glengary Bison, being so close to both Airdrie and Calgary, offers the opportunity for the consumer to come to our farm and see exactly what they are getting. In addition, it gives them the experience of seeing the magnificent bison we are raising in the most natural of settings.
Healthy Choice
Bison meat is a nutritionally superior red meat without growth hormones, steroids, drugs or chemical residue. Bison meat has 1/3 less fat than beef and provides much of your daily protein, iron and zinc requirements. It also provides most of the antioxidant selenium your body needs each day.
Global Reach

We have hosted groups from Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States. We welcome everyone to come out and view the bison from May through October.

We keep a good stock of products in our freezer facility. Look over our Product and Price list and give us a call.
Our Commitment
Our commitment is to breed and raise bison following the industries best practices to ensure your bison experience is Natures Best.