Why Frame Art?

Framing a work of art is a significant expense--sometimes nearly as costly as the art work itself. So, it is important that the proper materials and procedures are used in framing. Frames are used to enhance a work of art aesthetically,

as well as to protect it from dirt, dust and handling, while maintaining a controlled setting essential for the life of the piece.

In terms of aesthetics, you should choose what pleases you. The framed artwork will become part of your everyday environment, so be sure to choose frames and mats that you will enjoy. If you don't know what you want, ask for guidance; your framer probably has seen many different types of art, and knows what works well, and what doesn't.


Hang your art in neutral climates,

away from excessive humidity or dryness. Too much moisture can cause mats and prints to buckle or mold over time. Try to maintain the temperature around the art. Excessive temperature drops and increases can cause damage to your art.

We Provide Expert Framing

When you require the service of a professional framer we have the expertise to take on any job, big or small.


We ensure that everything within the frame is acid-free because non acid-free mats and backing boards emit fumes that can discolor the art.



is our choice for the finest and broadest selection of well-designed frame mouldings in styles to coordinate with current and classic design styles.